Personal Care Labels

Industry leading e-Pantone color management

Our industry leading knowledge and implementation of quantitative Color Management Theory delivers the results brand managers desire. In addition, we understand the nature of transparent inks, how packaging components influence color, and how to maintain your brand image across various types of components and containers.

Hi-Res Digital Plates provide exceptional detail

Our proprietary digital plate profile delivers exceptional resolution throughout the entire tonal range; dazzling highlights, stable mid-tones, smooth gradients and solids, along with higher solid ink densities to get your personal care product noticed among the competition.

Proprietary structures ensure performance in the most demanding environments

Our proprietary structures ensure brand imagery looks exceptional at the retail level and your personal care product withstands the rigors of environmental use.

Fully Integrated facility means fast product launches

When it comes to new personal care product launches, our fully integrated facility and scientific approach allows Precision Label to deliver even the most challenging projects on time.

Let Precision Label elevate your Personal Care brand.