Cosmetic Labels

e-Pantone offers the ultimate in color formulation and reproduction.

Ensuring consistent color on each and every run preserves your brand integrity.

e-Effects allows you to incorporate the latest trends and color schemes

Our unique capability of combining colors and effect pigments using e-Pantone and X-Rite technologies allow in-house creation of eye catching effects. Included in this offering are the Miraval®, Colorstream® and Pearl finishes.

Hi-Res Digital Plates provide exceptional detail

Our proprietary digital plate profile delivers exceptional resolution throughout the entire tonal range; dazzling highlights, stable mid-tones, smooth gradients and solids, along with higher solid ink densities.

Fully Integrated facility means fast product launches

When it comes to new product launches, our fully integrated facility and scientific approach allows Precision Label to deliver even the most challenging projects on time.

Let Precision Label elevate your Cosmetic brand.